FINALLY a clear explanation the “core” and how to increase your awareness about it!

Welcome!! Congratulations on taking the first step to Discovering Your Core!I have created and designed Discovering Your Core for you to spend time embodying and becoming aware of the parts of your body that interact to create your core. The core is important because it is these muscles that support your low back and pelvis. Discovering Your Core is a step-by-step guide to deepen your understanding of how you as an individual interact with these muscles, and helps you to create a lifetime habit of connecting to your center. It is invaluable to take the time to delve deeply into this material to define and explore your individual core, how your core works, and what you need to individually think about in order to help you access it. This will assist you in feeling stronger, more centered, and connected to your body when doing other movement classes or washing dishes at home. You will feel more empowered by this knowledge and be able to assess how to better engage your center throughout your day.

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