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23 August

Welcome to The Art of Mastering Movement!

steph-layoutI created this blog in order to develop a real time continuing conversation with my clients and students about movement.


I have a passion for movement that started as a young child.  I was always finding myself fascinated by the way people moved and how they felt inside their bodies.   This passion led me to reading lots of anatomy books, as well as various professional/educational degrees in dance with the highlights being the University of London’s Laban Centre, and finishing at California Institute of the Arts.


I have travelled to dance and learn from movement specialists from all over the world, and now I feel I have the expertise to offer to those of you interested enough to read this blog.


I am currently an adjunct professor of Dance and Physical Education at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California.  I also own my own Pilates and GYROTONIC® studio called Pacific Movement Center in neighboring Santa Cruz.


At the college I get to teach large groups of people about movement, and at the studio I focus on teacher training’s and private clients as a Master Trainer.  A Master Trainer is someone who has reached a level of experience in the work and is willing to share what they know in order to help others along in a similar profession.


So, if you are a beginning movement student wanting to know how to be more efficient in your movement, or a professional mover or instructor, this blog is for you.  In the following weeks I plan to cover the following ideas.


  • History of Pilates
  • Where Joseph Pilates may have gotten his ideas
  • Find your neutral joints
  • Find your Core or Powerhouse


The first blogs will focus on an introduction to Pilates.  This may be a review for some of you.  It may also be a great time for you to go over the basics again and refine your movement.  Remember, if you have any questions or comments that is why I am here.  Welcome and enjoy!